Northern Colorado Young Proffessionals Council Application

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Council for Northern Colorado Young Professionals (NCYP). The Council is comprised of young leaders, ages 20 to 40-ish, who represent the community and businesses of Greeley as well as the greater Northern Colorado area.

The Council works to ensure that NCYP fulfills its mission to engage, develop and empower young professionals in Northern Colorado to be active philanthropic leaders who encourage economic prosperity and cultural resiliency in our community. We also work to fulfill our vision of being the leading organization for young talent to take ownership of their individual and collective futures by engaging in the community professionally, socially and philanthropically.
Our Areas of Focus:
To Develop – Equipping young professionals with the necessary tools to improve their skills, expand their knowledge and forge their career paths.
To Engage – Cultivating an environment that immerses young professionals in the relationships, events, and civic opportunities that our community has to offer.
To Empower – Inspiring young professionals to be catalysts for investment and advancement of both self and community. Our
  • Community – Encourages and trusts in others. Values shared progress.
  • Inclusion – Embraces and values all people, while acknowledging diverse cultures, experiences, thinking and values, providing equal access to knowledge and opportunities
  • Integrity – Upholds strong moral principles for oneself and others. Leads by example.
  • Ownership – Takes responsibility and has a hands-on approach. Seeks to be the best. Honors commitments.
Council Eligibility:
Interested candidates must be between 20 and 40-ish and a member of NCYP in order to serve on the Council.
Council Expectations:
Council members are expected to be visible and supportive of NCYP events, and responsible for the following:
  • Attending monthly, in-person Council meetings to be held on the second Wednesday of every month, from 11:30-1 p.m. and  3:30-5 p.m. (they alternate every month) (must attend 10 out of 12)
  • Attending NCYP events throughout the year (must attend 8 out of 12 events we have one monthly)
  • Serving on at least one but no more than two Council Subcommittees

*If a Council member has attended less than 10 monthly Council meetings but has been heavily involved in and attended many subcommittee meetings, an exception can be made to this requirement, as discussed with and approved by the Chamber President & CEO.

Additionally, we may now need to note what a subcommittee is elsewhere in the document.

Applications must be submitted by December 6th, 2023.