Leadership Council Application

Provide a description of your employment responsibilities
List your community involvement for the past two (2) years. Indicate your roles and level of involvement.
Why do you choose to live and/or work in Greeley and Northern Colorado?
Describe a local event or place that contributes to your overall satisfaction to living in our city.
Describe your involvement in Northern Colorado Young Professionals and relay what your experience has been.
If you were to be selected to serve on Council, which tract(s) of involvement would interest you the most and why? A. Membership and Outreach B. Philanthropy C. Professional Development D. Public Policy E. Marketing F. Networking Events
1. Describe Young Professional culture in our city as you currently see it. What’s great? What needs improvement?
2. Please give an example of how you think NCYP could impact the community in a new and different way.
4. Anything else you’d like to share?
3. What specific strengths/talents/skills will you bring to NCYP that aids the organization’s vision?