Our leadership council

The Leadership Council works diligently to ensure that the Northern Colorado Young Professionals fulfills its mission of empowering young professionals in the northern Colorado region to create an energetic and dynamic environment of learning, networking, and mentorship.

Amy Lemon Headshot
Amy Lemon
Greeley-Evans School District 6
Chase Yoder
Yoder Family of Compaines
Dakotah Kutz
Dakotah Kutz
NFM Lending
Ilde Dominguez
Ilde Dominguez
Real Estate Agent
Hunter Hoshiko
Hunter Hoshiko
H2 Consultants
Betzy Valdez
Empowered Leader, Hispanic Women of Weld County

We are now accepting applications

Leadership Council Members
Council Eligibility

Interested candidates must be between 21 and 40 and a member of the group.

While Chamber membership is not expected of the general membership of Young Leaders, it is expected of the council as this is an affiliated organization administered by the Greeley Area Chamber and thus council members must have a good working understanding of the Chamber and working relationship.

Serving on a Young Professionals Council requires a commitment of time and energy. Members should be willing to dedicate a certain number of hours per month to fulfill their responsibilities, attend events, and contribute to projects. Council members must attend monthly meetings held each month. Council members are expected to attend 80% of all council meetings and at least 50% of events throughout the year with expected attendance at signature events.

Council members are expected to actively participate in group activities, meetings, and events. This includes attending regular meetings, contributing ideas, and volunteering for various initiatives.

Council members work together as a team to achieve common goals. Effective communication, collaboration, and a willingness to contribute to group efforts are essential.

A key aspect of serving on a Young Professionals Council is networking and building relationships with other professionals. Members should actively engage with fellow council members, industry leaders, and the broader young professional community.

Serving on a council provides opportunities to develop leadership skills. Members should demonstrate leadership potential, take initiative, and be willing to take on responsibilities within the council

Many Young Professionals Councils have a focus on community service and giving back. Members should have a desire to make a positive impact in their community and actively participate in community service initiatives organized by the council.

Council members are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism and ethical behavior. This includes representing the council and its values with integrity and respect.

We are not accepting applications at this time. Please contact President & CEO, Jaime Henning, with any questions at 402-440-7435.